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After Cataract Surgery

Immediately After the Procedure

Once the surgery is complete, you will most likely have to rest in the postoperative room for about an hour with a protective covering over your eye. Before you leave, your doctor will probably discuss:

  • Necessary prescription medications
  • Instructions for how to care for your eye
  • A follow-up meeting the next day

Most doctors suggest that you don’t drive for 24 hours after surgery. Stinging or slight grittiness in your eye is normal, so don’t rub or put pressure on it. Avoid strenuous activity, like heavy lifting, for at least a week. Reading, walking, watching TV or other light activities are okay as soon as you get home.

Woman reading on sofa

Adjusting with Your New Lens

There are activities you can do to help your brain adjust to the new lens in your eye. These activities can help accelerate the adjustment period and strengthen your vision.

For Near Vision

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Using a handheld device (e.g., a smartphone)

For Intermediate Vision

  • Watching TV
  • Gardening
  • Working at a computer

For Distance Vision

  • Watching a movie in a theater
  • Sports that require seeing an object in the distance (e.g., tennis)

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