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Personal Stories

Personal Stories

One day, life was blurry. The next, their vision was clear. See these real before and after stories of people who took control of their cataracts.

Cataract Surgery Helps Keep Brad's Career in Focus

Brad Cull's cataract made it hard to read street signs from his car. Watch the video to find out how cataract surgery with a presbyopia-correcting IOL helped him get his career as a real estate agent back in focus.

Cataract Surgery Restores the Color to Mary Ann's Flowers

Mary Ann Hagedorn's flowers had lost their brightness. Hear how cataract removal surgery is allowing her to live life in full color again.

Cataract Removal Surgery Makes Joe’s Double Vision History

Joe Schmidt was frustrated by the double vision he experienced due to cataracts. Watch his story to see how he got back to working from his computer with crisper vision.

Cataract Surgery Testimonial: Lea Anne Brown

Lea Anne Brown’s eyes needed a change. Watch to find out how cataract surgery got her vision back on course.

Cataract Surgery Testimonial: Charles Irving

Charles Irving’s cataracts made it hard for him to enjoy fishing and other hobbies. Watch to see how his vision was restored and his world became a brighter place.

Astigmatism-Correcting Cataract Surgery Testimonial: Barbara Smith

Barbara Smith’s cataracts kept her from driving for two years. Watch how astigmatism-correcting cataract surgery brought clarity back to her life and put her back behind the wheel.

*To understand the potential risks of cataract surgery, you should talk with your doctor. Although these results are typical, individual results may vary. The patients featured in these videos received modest compensation for sharing their stories.

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