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Your Independence from Cataracts is in
Good Hands

It’s not just advanced technology that makes cataract surgery such an attractive option. It’s also the dedicated surgeons who use this technology to benefit their patients. Watch the videos below to get to know two of these surgeons and to learn more about your options. Then use our Surgeon Locator tool to find a surgeon near you.

Download your free copy of Cataracts 101: A Basic Guide, which includes a surgeon discussion questionnaire that can help you feel confident talking about your options with your surgeon.

Dr. Solomon and Dr. Holland are paid consultants for Alcon.

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Real people share their cataract surgery success stories.

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Cataracts 101:
A Basic Guide

Learn about advanced technology, how to talk to
your surgeon and more.

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AARP Presents the Truth About Cataracts

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AARP the Magazine Debunks Common Cataract Myths

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